ارسال کننده : ساناز سیفی
زبان اصلی مقاله : انگلیسی
محور مقاله : مدیریت، تحقیق و توسعه
محل انتشار : کنگره بین المللی مهندسی، فناوری و نوآوری (
کد IOI مقاله: XBFB-DDHBH
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Global SME Management as Innovative Sustainable Practical Solutions to improve Sustainability, Quality of Life and Liveability (Case: Iran & Germany)

Hamid Doost Mohammadian 1 Sanaz Seifi 2

Abstract :

Globally, as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) contribute significantly to economic growth and development, SME management definitions, practices and its global areas are fit-for-purpose in improving quality of life and liveability. Yet, various stumbling blocks exist that hinder SMEs growth and development [2]. The governments all over the world are devoting and designing the SME development plans to assist the SMEs to meet the new business challenges in the competitive global business environment, the SME managers try to solve these challenges to gain sustainability by innovation and that economic activities are moving in the direction of globalization. There is no doubt the final target of managers is providing liveability and increasing quality of life for peoples and citizens. After the descriptions of main indicators, the researcher mentions to infrastructure of sustainability which can influence on quality of life and liveability. After introduction of global SME management as an innovative practical solution to reach the sustainability, the researcher compares the situation of German SMEs and Iranian SMEs, their characteristics, finds the main challenges of SMEs in Iran and according to successful patterns of German SMEs tries to solve them. Iran as a developing country needs to follow and learn the strategies of global SME management of Germany, use their global experiences as innovative sustainable practical solutions towards having sustainability and developing liveability and quality of life for more welfare. The findings of this study, which are based on a practical survey, illustrate the sustainability is sum of quality of life and liveability. Therefore, each dimension of sustainability has certain influence on these two indicators and the amount of each dimensions of sustainability differs in each country. Sustainable development of countries increasingly depends on planning, designing, realizing, and continuously upgrading sustainability and liveability of societies and countries [16]. This paper will examine the impact of sustainability, quality of life and liveability on SME management as innovative sustainable practical solutions. This agenda will identify key areas of focus for sustainability of global SME management towards developed life. The correlation results indicated several significant solutions according to German Mittelstand3 which is one of the most successful area in the Europe.

Keywords : SME, Global SME Management, Sustainability, Innovation, Quality of Life, Livability

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