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Vehicle Emergency Alert and Call System

Farsad Heidari 1 Zahra Rahimi 2

Abstract :

Each The statistics show, about 9 people are killed for every 10,000 cars in the world. This statistic will increase, due to loss of response time (time between contact with rescue groups and their arrival at the site of the incident). The purpose of this study is to design and construct a system for identifying the location of the incident by sending some information via SMS: The number of people in the car, Display the location of car on GPS, Informing about, the presence of smoke inside or outside the car, Informing about the location of the damaged vehicle, Informing about the vehicle overturning, Detecting movement and sound inside the car.This information will be sent to the hospital, police, and other rescue teams. This system is able to make voice call to all of these organs. People who are into car can establish communication with them through the microphone and speakers embedded in the car dashboard. In this way, the rescue teams are informed of their health level after the accident. With this initial awareness, they can provide advice to wounded occupants and send relief forces according to the circumstances.

Keywords : Accident, Location, Contact, Sensors

جناب آقای / سرکار خانم Farsad Heidari 1 Zahra Rahimi 2
بدین وسیله گواهی میشود مقاله شما تحت عنوان Vehicle Emergency Alert and Call System در چهارمین کنگره بین المللی مهندسی، تکنولوژی و علوم کاربردی - نیوزلند مورد پذیرش و چاپ قرار گرفته و با کد XBFC-DDCHH در شبکه علمی ایران نیز نمایه شده است.

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